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Introduction to Biodiesel (ESTER FUEL)

Biodiesel(ESTER FUEL), also known as biological oil is one of the alternative fuels produced...

Biodiesel Help To Prevent Global Warming

Biodiesel, therefore, have the potential to help to prevent global warming.

Biodiesel Indian Economy

New generation energy sources is very much essential in Indian and global context.


With this new venture, MEdas family is set out on yet another energy efficient business adventure to introduce ecologically effective.Bio Diesel, that will be manufactured locally, conclusively it will help the government to reduce budget deficit and national debt. Besides, this encourages less dependence on non-sustainable petroleum products.

The country’s industrial sector is in high demand of localized fuels and this initiati ve will suffice their needs and lessen the burden of dependence on international market for fuel prices. This merchandise will prove to be a
win- – win situation for both the nationals and government and hence the nation.

Now we are coming to finalize our production and in the process of opening retail biodiesel fuel pump

MEdas’ modus operandi is to blend all of the above methods to
create futuristic products and services. The coming epoch will
be filled with modern technologies which contribute to the eco
system and mankind, the breakthroughs will prove to be
essential for the survival of human by sustaining flora and
fauna not by depleting them. With the flagship of not just
becoming such an industrial enterprise but turning the nation
into one and eventually the globe, MEdas plans to pilot all
such sectors.

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